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Loan Number:220109

NEW! Low LTV on a Single Family Residence in Sun Valley, CA!

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This loan is a second deed of trust on a single-family residence in Sun Valley, CA. The subject property is 1910 built, cottage style, one-story SFR with a detached accessory (ADU) bedroom, and bath. The main portion of the house is 756 square feet with one bedroom and one bath. The ADU has a second bedroom and an extra bathroom. The lot is 27,440 square feet with LARA zoning. This zoning allows SFRs and agricultural use, which is common in this area. It also allows additional worker quarters and can be used as a horse property with horse facilities, barns, and corrals. The subject does not presently have any agricultural use or horse facilities. The property has vinyl and tile flooring throughout, and the kitchen has wood cabinets, granite countertops, and backsplash, a large center island with countertop and sink. It also features a two-car detached garage with long storage sheds built-out on each side of the garage space, and a nice private front yard with a lawn. The Borrower purchased the property in 2006 and have maintained it as their principal residence. PHH Mortgage holds the first deed of trust with a principal balance of $166,437.34 maturing in January 2036 at a 2.00% interest rate. The purpose of the loan is to provide cash out for the Borrower to purchase another property and do some minor renovations to the subject ADU to rent it out. Upon maturity, the Borrower intends to pay off the loan in full, having a few options to do so.

Minimum Investment


Loan Amount


Loan Term

24 months

Loan Interest Rate


Loan Position

2nd Position

Net Yield to Investor


Important Investment Disclosures:
Important investment disclosure. Your investment will be either directly or indirectly secured by real estate. You may receive a direct interest in a promissory note and deed of trust as a fractionalized interest as a tenant in common, as a single beneficiary, or, your investment may be in the form of a membership interest in a limited liability company formed for the specific purpose of funding a loan. Nothing in this announcement constitutes an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer for investment. An offer is made only by the offering circular and material disclosure package. Past performance is not an indication of future results. We strongly recommend before making an investment decision that you thoroughly read the contents of the entire loan material disclosure package. You are encouraged to consult with your own tax and financial advisers before investing. Investments are NOT insured by any government agency and are NOT guaranteed. Investments offered through So-Cal Capital, Inc. are not liquid, not transferable, and involve substantial risk, including the possible loss of all principal.